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Code of Behaviour

In devising this Code, consideration has been given to the particular needs and circumstances of this school. The aim is to provide a framework for reasonable and responsible behaviour by all concerned, staff, parents and students alike in keeping with our stated beliefs in our Mission Statement.

We place greater emphasis on rewards than on sanctions in the belief that this will, in the long run, give best results. The rules are kept to the minimum and framed in a positive manner. Overall responsibility for discipline within school rests with the Principal subject to the authority of the VEC.

The Code of Behaviour was developed in consultation with the partners and will be reviewed at regular intervals.

The Code of Behaviour is divided into two parts. It begins with a series of Statements of Expectation which identifies the behaviours expected and the reasons for them. This is followed by our Discipline procedure, Sanctions and Awards.


  1. We will behave in an orderly and civil manner to each other and be courteous to all visitors to the school.
  2. We will have a good work ethic, attend punctually and participate fully in all educational, cultural and sporting activities to the best of our ability.
  3. We will respect and protect our own property, school property and the general environment of the school and community.


  • We will line up quietly before class and enter the class in an orderly manner.
  • We will have all books, copies etc for each class.
  • We will have our homework completed, on time and neatly presented.
  • We will not disturb the class with unnecessary noise or activity.
  • We will participate in class discussion and answer questions civilly.
  • We will not cause any damage to the fixtures and fittings.
  • We will walk, not run, to avoid accidents. We will be especially careful of cars entering or leaving the school car-park and grounds.
  • Games will be played on the playing fields or the courts.
  • We will not loiter at the front of the school premises or in the car-park at break times or before or after school.
  • We will come to school on time and in full uniform.
  • We will not leave school without permission.
  • We will not smoke, or chew gum on the premises or when in uniform.
  • It is school policy that full school uniform, must be worn while students are attending school (including during state examinations) or on a school outing (unless otherwise specified by the school authorities).
  • Teachers should check every student is in full uniform as they enter the classroom especially first class in the morning.  Any student out of uniform or wearing jewellery will be referred to the relevant Year Head by the teacher.
  • Teachers have a responsibility to lead by good example and so are expected to wear appropriate professional dress. Only teachers taking PE classes should wear track-suits.


  1. Additional responsibility.
  2. Positive comment in journal.
  3. Student of the Year awards:

Awarded to the students, (boy and girl) who achieved the best results in their last examination.

This is awarded to the students (boy and girl) who have shown a significant commitment to some aspect of life, whether in study, sport or extra-curricular activity. (Nominated by Year group)

Awarded to the students with 100% attendance record in each Class.

This is awarded to the students (boy and girl) who are considered to be the best sports persons in each year group (Nominated by Year group).

This rewards students for good behavior.

Teachers may issue awards and rewards during the course of the school year for specific activities.


Each teacher is responsible for general discipline within his/her class while sharing a common responsibility for good order within the school premises. Teachers will take appropriate measures (as follows) to deal with serious breaches of the rules and are advised to keep records.

  • Reasoning
  • Reprimand
  • Additional work
  • Confiscation, where relevant.
  • Standing for short periods of time at the back of the class
  • Separation from peers
  • Note in journal for parent*
  • Lunchtime Detention
  • After school Detention
  • Referral to Year Head (plus written report for the file)
  • Referral to Deputy or Principal (in cases of gross misbehaviour such as defiance of teachers authority, assault etc.)

*Students are placed on detention by Year Heads if they receive 4 notes in one week (Thursday to Wednesday) or 10 in one month.

Year Heads have overall responsibility for pastoral care and Discipline for their respective year group. They will interview students who are reported to them and give verbal warnings. If there is no improvement they may:

  • Meet the student at the beginning or end of each day to check progress
  • Place student “On Report”.
  • Detention/morning detention.
  • Seek class teacher reports prior to arranging to meet parents to discuss the situation and seek their support.
  • Refer to Guidance Counsellor
  • Refer to Deputy and / or Principal.
  • Refer, if applicable, to appropriate outside agencies following consultation with Deputy and/or Principal.


Detention at lunchtime is a sanction which may be used by teachers or Year Heads. It is supervised by the teacher setting the detention. Students who go home for lunch may have their detention deferred to the next day to facilitate bringing in lunch.

After School detention (Friday 1pm to 3pm) is supervised by a teacher/Year Head /Deputy Principal/Principal. Written notice, recorded in Journal, will be given in advance and must be signed by Parent/Guardian. Students may be suspended if they receive more than three detentions.

Morning Detention is a sanction used by Year Heads/Principal/Deputy to promote attendance and punctuality. Those who are late three times may be placed on morning detention. Written notice will be given to parents.


Students may be suspended:

  • For challenging the authority of the teacher.
  • For physical assault of another person.
  • For coming to school in an altered state due to alcohol or drugs.
  • For consuming alcohol or drugs on the school grounds, school trips etc.
  • For leaving school without permission.
  • For persistent breaches of school discipline, all other sanctions having been exhausted. (See above)

Note: the Principal may suspend a student for three days, or following consultation with the Chairperson, for five days. This period may be extended if the student is deemed to be a danger to himself or others, pending an emergency meeting of the Board of Management.


Where, following the procedures listed above, no improvement in the behaviour of the student has occurred, the Principal, or the Deputy Principal acting on behalf of the Principal, may refer the case to the Board of Management and recommend exclusion / expulsion. The Board of Management may invite the student and his/her parents / guardians to a special meeting to discuss the matter.


In cases of suspension or exclusion parents/ guardians may appeal, in writing, to the Board of Management.

Students returning from suspension will be placed “On Report” for a minimum of one week. Student and parent may be asked to sign a good behaviour contract.


It is school policy to:

  • Confiscate mobile phones, if found powered on anywhere in the school without the permission of a teacher. They will be returned after one week.
  • Confiscate electronic equipment such as i-pods if found powered on during class time without the permission of the class teacher.
  • Provide students with replacement uniform, temporarily, if they come to school out of uniform.
  • Provide students with replacement if journal is lost or defaced.

These rules are also printed in the school Journal and signed by both student and parent.