Junior Cycle – 3 Years

School Curriculum

The Curriculum available at St. Fergal’s is based on the syllabus of the Department of Education and Science. It provides an excellent range of subjects at all levels in the Junior Certificate & Leaving Certificate. Success in State Examinations is rated highly and its importance is demonstrated in the teaching and learning methodologies practised in the school.  These methodologies have been highly commended in Inspection Reports by the Department of Education & Science.

Our rich, wide and varied curriculum provides all our students with a range of subjects that meet the learning needs of all.

The Core Subjects are:







The Optional Subjects on offer are:

Art, Craft and Design
Business Studies
Home Economics
Materials Technology, Wood
Technical Graphics

First-year students are offered an eight-week taster programme of all optional subjects. This is good practice as it provides students with an opportunity to make an informed decision on subject choice.

The Non-Exam Subjects taken by all students at Junior Cycle

Religious Education
Physical Education
Social, Personal and Health Education (S.P.H.E)
Computer Studies