***Welcome back to all our staff and students for the 2022/23 Academic Year and a big welcome to our new 1st Year students***

Green Schools

Here in St. Fergal’s we are committed to educationally addressing the many environmental issues that confront us locally, nationally and globally.

We recognise that a core value of our school has to be an appreciation of what it means to be both a part of our natural environment and guardians of that environment for future generations. The Environment and it’s protection and sustainability is arguably the greatest issue facing humankind and we want our students to be aware of the challenges facing us and how we can play our part in this great issue.

On a local level, it is through our Green Schools committee that we focus on community issues that directly affect us and that we can have an impact on. The committee is instrumental in harnessing students’ energies and ideas in tackling environmental concerns in the school and the wider community. We link closely with SEAI for advice, resources and information and in determining future areas of development. We are currently looking at Energy Conservation and Waste Management as elements where the staff and students can have a positive impact on our school environment.

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