Junior Camogie vs Portlaoise November 2013

St. Fergal’s Vs. Portlaoise.

St. Fergal’s Junior Camogie team played Portlaoise on the 7th of November in St. Fergal’s College. The match started at 11:54 as Referee Kieran Bowe blew his whistle to start the first half. Niamh Coss, Fergal’s centre back, opened the scoring with a beautiful point. The first half was definitely dominated by the home side as the Fergal’s girls showed their young talent with Clodagh Tynan. She came in at half time with 3 goals beside her name. Sarah Hennessey also showed her skills with a goal and some wonderful assisting passes to help her team. The half time ended 4-1 to 2-1 to Fergal’s delight, However the game is never over at half time, as the home girls would soon find out.

Niamh Coss continued her great game with a point in the second half while mid-fielder, Sarah Creagh also put over a point to bring Fergal’s scoring total to 4-3. Sadly this would be Fergal’s last score of the day. Portlaoise refused to leave Rathdowney without a win. They turned into a power force and the players showed immense talent throughout. St. Fergal’s defence were put through the ringer but Ruth O’Connor could not do anything about the goals going into the net and the points going over the bar. The match ended with a final whistle and the teams shook hands. Both teams could be proud of their performances but, sadly for the home side, the match ended 4-3 to 7-3 in favour of Portlaoise.

IMG_0240By Chloe Keane