Leaving Certificate Chemistry Trip 2014



Senior Chemistry Trip to DCU by Rebecca Treacy


On Friday the 10th of January, the 5th and 6th year chemistry class took a trip to DCU as part of the Leaving Certificate course. We left bright and early for the trip and arrived in DCU after a pleasant “quiet” drive, no sleep for Gav!


On arrival we were split to join two other groups. During our time there we did various experiments from our course, some for revision and others that we cannot do in school. Another important part of the trip is to see the instrumentation that is not available in schools that we cover on our course. This is helpful as it allows us to understand these machines when we discuss them in class.


To finish off the main lecturer gave a good speech about the options for students in DCU which made us all think about keeping DCU in our thoughts for the CAO. We stopped in Blanchardstown shopping centre for lunch and were allowed to have a look around the shops for a while and while there One Direction found their 6th member! We finally got yummy slush puppies and Ms Rogers bought treats for the trip home.


A good day came to an end when we hit traffic on the motorway and Mr 1 D Dunne got his snooze!