Student Enterprise Awards County Final March 2014

On the 5th March, the Transition Years had their Mini Company Student Enterprise Day. This is a day where each TY’s Mini Companies where displayed for judges and other TY’s from different schools, to see what ideas we came up with, how we portrayed our Mini Companies and stalls, and how we manufactured them into product or service.

That morning, the bus arrived at the school at 8:00 a.m.  We had to arrive at the school at least 15 minutes beforehand to collect our displays.  The Mini Company Student Enterprise Day was held in the Heritage Hotel, Portlaoise.


When we arrived at the Heritage Hotel, we gathered our bags from the bus.  We were then taken to the Conference Room where the judging took place.  Everyone was given a stand and a table to set up their displays.  The judging started at 10:00. You could tell that everyone was nervous as students were practicing what they were going to say every few minutes and walking up and down their stalls, noticing if anything was out of place or how they could improve on their stalls.  At around 11:15 – 11: 30 we were given a small break to get a bite to eat.  Then the judging started again.  A few minutes after our small break, we were visited by a very important person, The Minister for Education Rory Quinn.  That was a big surprise but it was brilliant to have him there and to have met him.


When everyone was finished being judged, the judges left the Conference Room to figure out the winners of the day.  We were waiting a while for the results to come in, so within that time, we visited other student’s stands to see what they had come up with.  Every Mini Company there was very interesting and innovative. It also gave us the chance to make new friends and to relax knowing that you done your very best when the judges came to your stall, which in turn relieved the pressure, well a small bit anyway.


Finally, the results were in.  From St. Fergal’s College, Lisa Bowe and Niamh Coss were our winners.  Their Mini Company, called “Tasty Bit”, won the award for Highly Recommended.   We were all very proud and happy for them, and the reactions on their faces were priceless.


At 1:00 we had our dinner, which was sausages and chips, provided by the Heritage.  It was great to get a nice warm dinner after a long and stressful day.

We packed everyone’s bags in the boot of the bus, and returned to St. Fergal’s College.


I believe everyone enjoyed the day.  It felt great to represent the school and to get a feel of what the Business Industry is really like.  It was a brilliant experience and definitely one of the highlights of Transition Year

 C. Doyle