***Welcome back to all our staff and students for the 2022/23 Academic Year and a big welcome to our new 1st Year students***

Pastoral Care

St. Fergal’s College has a Pastoral Care team that looks after the well-being of all students and identifies and works with any particular students who may be having difficulties for a variety of reasons. Those with roles involved in pastoral care include:

  • Principal,
  • Deputy Principal,
  • Year Heads,
  • Guidance Counsellor,
  • Learning Support Team
  • Sixth Year Prefects.

Our pastoral care approach is enhanced by our S.P.H.E. programme. It supports the personal development, health & well-being of young people. In first year we also use the programme to aid the transition from primary to second level by:
Teaching the school’s Code of Behaviour, delivering the school’s Induction Programme & raising self-esteem.

Learning Support

At St. Fergal’s College we have an excellent, fully qualified, Learning Support team. These teachers give learning support in small groups for pupils experiencing literacy and numeracy difficulties. Students enrolling in first year are assessed to identify those who may have a learning difficulty. They are then very well supported during their time in St. Fergal’s and also during public examinations. Consultation with parents of these students is an essential part of the process.


Both Catholic and Church of Ireland  Chaplains are available to the school to provide spiritual guidance and support to all students and the R.E. programme. They conduct liturgies in school, regularly.

Fr.Martin Delaney

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