Admissions and Enrollment Policy and Procedure

In accordance with The Education Act 1998, DES regulations and the Vocational Education Acts, and in keeping with our stated Mission, all children who wish to enroll may be accepted into our school.

All students, and their parents/guardians, must agree to be bound by the school Code of Behavior and accept the discipline procedures devised to promote this Code. A declaration must be signed at enrollment.

Admissions and Enrolment Procedure Download Enrollment Form

Enrollment is on a date notified to all local National Schools and published in local papers. Entrants will also be accepted until September 30th of any school year, subject to restrictions imposed by maximum class size (30).

Discussions take place between our support team and teachers from the primary schools of those who enroll in order to identify the learning needs of prospective pupils.

Assessment Reports must be made available as soon as possible after enrollment to enable the application to the DES for appropriate resources.

Assessment tests are also given to all new entrants in the spring term before the start of First year. They are used to identify students in need of learning supports or remedial teaching.

If the needs identified cannot be met within the schools own resources application will be made to the DES for additional supports and parents will be informed promptly. A student may not commence until the necessary supports are in place.

Classes are mixed ability in First Year.

Optional subjects have different class maximum sizes (listed below). Students are allocated on a first come first served basis.

Art, Woodwork, Metalwork, Music, Technical Graphics: 24 students.

Home Economics: 20 students.

Students may change their subject options by agreement with the Principal and providing there is space until September 30th of First year.