St Fergal's 75th anniversary celebrations

St. Fergal’s celebrates its 75th Anniversary

St. Fergal’s College has educated four generations of local and surrounding society since its foundation in 1937. On Friday last the school opened its doors to past pupils and staff as part of its 75th Anniversary. A committee was formed, invites sent out, food organised, musicians rehearsed and a special book printed for the celebrations. The night kicked off at 8pm. Guests were greeted in the lobby by the school choir, the School Trad Group and the TY students with their African drums. New and old classrooms were opened for past pupils to exam and reminisce on all the good memories associated with them. Some old roll books were also displayed and teachers were on hand to meet and greet guests. For sale on the night was a book of memories compiled from old photos and articles, some copies are still available for purchase from the school office.

Staff @ 75th

The night went well with past pupils getting the chance to see the changes, catch up with old class mates and meet their teachers again. Many were impressed with the photos and pictures adorning the walls, all were delighted with the new buildings and the elimination of prefabs and everybody complimented the beautiful musicians and singers that greeted them in the lobby.

The committee are very appreciative of the many articles and old pictures that were sourced and submitted for the celebration we aware that there are several more pictures and articles out there that would be gratefully accepted. Any documents received will be carefully copied and returned to the owner.

“Buy a Brick to Build a Gym” was successfully launched on the night. This initiative is aimed at completing the building project with a new gym. This will be built beside the walking track and will be available for community use. “Bricks” can be purchased at any time from the school office.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the committee, all those involved in the preparations, staff, Mochua printers and to those who turned up and supported on the night.