Exchange Program

The Austrian exchange programme began 10 years ago, between St Fergal’s College and the Borromaeum School in Salzburg Austria. The link between the two schools is St Fergal who lived in Salzburg for 40 years. The idea of the trip is to allow students to experience a different culture from the point of view of someone their own age. The trip has both an educational and fun aspect for all involved.

This year a committee was set up to run the exchange. The teachers involved are Mr Conroy, Ms McCabe, Mr Fogarty, Ms Kennedy, Mr Maher and Ms Rogers. It was also decided this year to have the student involved to do projects to present in Austria to give an insight into Ireland and its people, culture, traditions, food, music etc. This years trip was from the 24th to the 30th April and the activities/trips organised for us included learning to do the Austrian waltz, make apple strudel, salt mines, Celtic museum, red bull planes/formula 1 car and the trick fountains.