***Welcome back to all our staff and students for the 2022/23 Academic Year and a big welcome to our new 1st Year students***

Talent Show

In a competition that pitted classmate against classmate, Jazz against Pop, instrumental against vocal, the “St. Fergals’ College Got Talent” show delivered more glitz and glamour than a photoshoot at the Oscars and a variety of talent that would match anything broadcast at primetime. Vocal display was the main medium. From Maria McKay with her strong jazzy vocals who was first to impress, to the perfectly balanced vocal harmonies of Chloe and Emma Keane with Ciara Clooney on guitar, there was a style to suit everyone. But it was the finely tuned apparatus that is Darren Hanley’s voice that set the standard on the night. It is rare that you find someone with such control over their vocals, with the innate ability to effortlessly glide from one note to the next. Darren’s win on the night was unanimous with both judges and audience.

Technical competence with an instrumental piece was another show-stopper. There were instrumentals from Tom Peters (with more riffs and licks than Clapton during his heyday with “Cream”) and Aaron Mackessy on Banjo (the epitome of technical brilliance and concentration). Both the audience and judges were mesmerised during their performances. Special mention must go to Tom’s display of dexterity, as he effortlessly
hoisted the guitar over his shoulder in mid-solo to continue his instrumental. All he was missing was the big finish by playing with his teeth and setting the guitar alight (ala Jimi Hendrix.)! The night would not have been completed without the special attendance and performance by our celebrity Judge, Eurovision Song Contest winner, Niamh Kavanagh. Her words of encouragement to the performers were expressed with the ease of the consummate professional she is. Her performance of Adele’s “Rolling in the deep” was a performance that sets her apart in the world of vocal ability and enthralled the large crowd in attendance.

Special thanks must go to the person without whom there would have been no talent show, our own Niamh Kavanagh, Ms. Kavanagh. Due to her commitment and attention to detail, the night was a tremendous success. The TY group also pulled out all the stops, creating an auditorium and an atmosphere that would not look out of place at the Electric Picnic. MCs for the night were William Delaney and Saoirse Nevin, who impressed with their seamless transitions and good humour.

Lastly, but by no means least, were the judges for the night, Ms. McCabe, Mr. Kiernan and of course Niamh Kavanagh. Their task on the night was a tough one but nonetheless and enjoyable one. The St. Fergals’ Talent show was a special night, not only for the winner, or for those who took part. It was a special night for all present. It was indeed, a night to remember.

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